Thinking, vision, dream, etc. are things which can make you rich or poor that was based on the mentality of the people. Now I am going to tell you what the poor people think and rich people think.


Many people think that they are the best and richest in the neighborhood this is the poor mentality; because they only compare how small house they have, how big house I have; how dirty clothes they wear, how good clothes I wear and etc. They also compare their child with another child accept seeing his/her talent. If a rich person moves from his colonies they think he earns money by doing bad things they don’t see the hard work what the man does and last main point of poor mentality is they have a talent to show off. Let’s take an example there is a man who do the job of Rs.10,000 one day his poor friends came to him and said that only Rahul has a good phone in the colony, then  the man jealous he suddenly went home he took all the savings and he purchased a iPhone to do show off to his poor friends that he is very rich but the truth is, he purchased that iPhone on the loan and slowly-slowly he purchased more and more item and the burden is coming over and over. So, by doing this thing he became poorest man in the colony, for doing show off he destroyed his whole life.


Rich mentality people are fully opposite of poor mentality they don’t compare their things with other person; they always find a talent in their child accept comparing with other child; they always have an interest in gaining knowledge because knowledge is the main content of gaining wealth; if a rich person moves from the road they think that one day he/she will also became wealthy; if a man do the job of Rs.10,000 he will focus on how he can make that amount double and triple accept wasting that money in the show off or bad habits.

 I am not saying that poor people always have poor mentality and rich people have always rich mentality it is depend on their way of thinking, if you are poor mentality thinker if you want to change it, see everyone, every person, any situation in the positive way not in negative way the problem will start moving out from your way.

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