Why social media is designed?

With the motto of “Connecting people” Social networking sites are made. Developers add their best to make them more approachable and connecting. People sitting on the comfy couch from different corners of the world can connect within a few taps. Exchange of communication leads an exchange of culture, trends, innovation, mindset, ethics, technology. The list is countless. Developing Social media was a big change towards innovation and adding people together. This added pace to the fast running world. People started taking this as a hobby. Sharing ideas is a different kind of pleasure. With numerous benefit, social media gained the attention of trillions and numbers are still increasing.

Is social media that beautiful? If so, why it’s disturbing mental peace? The truth is social media is the best gift to the world but excess use of it creates addiction. Which in return serves you with loneliness, mental impact, frustration, dissatisfaction, anxiety and sadness. Every platform has two aspects, Pros and cons.ZQ

Benefits of using social media:-

  • Communication

It helps you to exchange your trends and feelings with people all around the globe. That too easily, Just a few taps required.

  • Up-to-date

You will get the news of any distant places sitting at home under the “news feed” Column.

  • Promotion

There are several groups, where you can promote your stuff. It gives vivid audience reach.

  • Creativity

You can show your talent and let people know what best you have.

  • Helping hand

You can donate the amount or you can ask for help in a tough time

  • Discover

You can get new information and discover millions of unknown things. All you need is a curiosity inside.

Cons of social media

  • Cyberbullying

People are good but not the entire bunch. Social media has no age restrictions. Mass people on such platforms are teens. They are bullied. People add offensive comments. Maximum cases are not reported and still, people are suffering on large scale every day.

  • Self-centred

It is such a big hub, it will keep you in yourself. Uploading selfies and adding provoking thoughts will restrict your life to a Boundary.

  • Isolation

Relaxing on the couch for the full day and using social media may seem good to you. But it’s killing you inside. As you will be isolated to your surroundings. Excess of this can gift your loneliness.

  • Fear of missing out

In short, we call it FOMO. People upload their pictures on social media with a beautiful caption. But that is not the true life which they are living. FOMO provokes you to check your phone at every interval. This can trigger several diseases like Anxiety, fear, mental illness.

There are several studies and research are going on. Calculation says for long term social media is beneficial but excessive use of this can lead you to many severe diseases. Emotional exhaustion is one of them. Heavy use of social media can lead to self-harm, Suicidal thought, loneliness and many more. To a certain extent, social media is not the culprit but we the people are. The way we are living our life on social media is to just showcase what good we can avail. Social media is a disease in itself.

How to get rid of social media disease?

  • Don’t use your phone much.
  • Go for social media Detox, for 15-20 days or even a month. This will help you in self establishing yourself.
  • You can fix a time for using a social networking site. According to the use and need.
  • You can start focusing more on the syllabus.
  • Start reading books, there are multiple book stores. Make them your good friends
  • You can start investing more time with family members. They are all that you need.
  • Start pursuing a new hobby. Start developing anything of your interest.
  • Start focusing on the self establishment
  • Start doing yoga and meditation
  • Physical health can be your another priority.

Nourish yourself and live happily

Indeed,  social media is running our mental peace. Though it depends on how we use it. Time will never stop and it will keep on flowing. Find some quality time and judge yourself. Ask certain questions. Is social media is reality? What your friends uploading on social media is true? Are you suffering from any of above-mentioned disease? Your mind pushes you to check updates daily. These are hidden questions, which your instinct can only answer. Live your life to the reality, not according to social media.

Smile and distribute smile.

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