Impact on education system during COVID-19

The COVID-19 epidemic has affected many sectors in every county but the biggest crash is happened with educational systems of whole world, leading to closures of all schools, college and university.

Most of the government has closed the school temporarily for the safety of their learners from COVID-19. In India across 32 crore learners are get affected from the crash of education system, most important exams are delayed and some more steps is taken by our government for giving some relief during this crucial time.

As, per the guideline of the government the students has to study from home by online classes or video conferencing app but this type of learning has more disadvantage then its benefit but then also they are giving some efforts to the education of their youth but the low-income school, government school, etc. are not able to adopt that type of facility by which they can teach their learners and due to it the learners miss their meal which can result in economic and social stress.

By this epidemic the higher education sectors are also damaged a lot. Especially, in foreign countries, various student from different country taken admission in abroad like- UK, US, Australia, China, etc. But these countries are badly affected by COVID-19. If, this epidemic proceeds no one will take admissions in foreign college for higher studies and after more time there will be less demand of international higher study.

As, this pandemic destroying the economic condition of every country but at the other side the online study is also becoming the stress of many parents due to unemployment, some children who belongs to poor community ”how they will survive? ” how will their parent give them that type of appliances which is used for study.

As the report says that 2 million graduated teachers and half million post graduated teachers are now unemployed and around 47% of Indian teacher are not suitable for industry role and If we talk about the common person across India, there are 31 million people unemployed with some social issue which is the large disadvantage in our country.


Accordingly, this pandemic has affected every sector due to this many people lost their jobs and become jobless, admission which is going to take for nursery, the board exams which is going to held, entrance test and many competitive exams are going to held but this pandemic has stopped everything and postponed to another date and many school, colleges, etc. Has come to the field of technology which is very appreciable thing.

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