Some ways to motivate your employees during COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak pandemic has steered to lockdowns and social distancing orders impacting everyone’s life, including working professionals who are now compelled to work from home. New updates indicate that most of the people are fighting with loneliness. The majority of employees face problems due to teamwork and online communication. And while only a few employees fight with the challenges by staying concentrated on the job. Employers know how to motivate their employees and engage in their day to day work during this pandemic period of uncertainty.

In this article, we are going to discuss some effective ways that companies are implying in order to motivate their employees.

Create an understanding of belonging between employees and employers

Communication is one of the best means to create a sense of belonging. Leading organizations used to focus on group messaging to the employees. If there is more communication between the employees and employers about the tasks, then the employees can easily cope. One of the best ways to create understanding is through the use of Zoom and Skype to improve engagement.

Ask your employees to share their thoughts and decisions.

If you appreciate the ideas of your employees, then that will enhance your loyalty towards them. And another benefit is that you are likely to get striking ideas you hadn’t supposed.

Offer proper guidelines

 Several companies are executing their works and making their workers work from home. They have built some online guides or short tutorials on topics like how to operate online conferencing tools, how to organize your time while manipulating duties at home, facing isolation, etc. This empowers leadership quality and shows empathy.

Acclaim and rewards

Give a gift card, meal coupon, perkbox, or any other rewards to the employees working from home for their extra persistence and attention towards the work even though they are outside of the office fighting with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stimulating Messages

Try to send formal email messages to your employees and soothe them that their function is essential, whatever that their role is.


Provide psychological helplines, to comfort workers experiencing uncertainty or stress-related issues.

Skill development

Provoke some opportunities for personal improvement encompassing discovering new skills and undertaking new projects.

Offer employees the autonomy and power to make decisions

Have faith in your employees to make decisions. This is a time of inconstancy. It is impossible to control all the activities of employees. Steer them towards the goal orientation and allow them to do their work freely without any unwanted obligation. Let the employees feel that you trust them and appreciate their work.

Productive thinking, tricky creations, and motivation itself are some of the basic elements which you need to focus in order to motivate your employees to commit their day to day work.

You must provide clear instructions about their job to the employees. You must experience the benefits of face to face gatherings through the use of Zoom or any others. Undoubtedly, your workers will perform their task more effectively and more productively.

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