How to help kids with the burden of online schooling?

“Let the door of school be closed but we will pave a new way to education”…. Let’s start learning with online mode.

The year 2020 has made a mark that will be recalled as history for deterioration of all the aspects of our lives. This had immensely cause degradation in the education system all over the world. But “where there is a will there is a way” teachers and students didn’t give up on curriculum rather came up with a great idea of using technology as an essential means to impart education. And here the evolution of online classes took place at its peak. Technology has made it easy and helped many of us to overcome the dispositions in our study routine.

Here are some important points by which we can help kids with the burden of online schooling;

  1. Create a learning space

It’s very important to set up a quiet and peaceful, area if the child is learning full-time from home for concentration. it is another important part of increasing the amount of interest in the child.

  1. Make a schedule and plan it accordingly.

We, humans, tend to make mistakes and we learn from our mistakes. The proper minding of schedule is another important aspect that lessens the burden of the child’s online class. Planning and organizing the schedule helps in following the code of conduct and  Finding time for learning requires planning and should be made according to online classes.

  1. Reduce distractions.

computer games, social media, Video games, TV, toys, pets, etc—our homes have lots of distractions to the child. Keeping them away from all these will help to increase the concentration of the child. It will be easy to point out the distractions if we list it down and certainly can be removed with little effort.

  1. Use a calendar and code it for management.

It is important to set up a time table and go according to the school calendar for keeping up with school deadlines and curricular. This will help the child stay organized which is essential for proper self-management. Help your child plan backward of the dues or the pending works which need to be completed.

  1. Get plenty of exercises.

Exercise helps us think better as it helps our brain and body to function properly. When we move or groove, our problem-solving, memory, and attention do improve. Physical activity is one of how the child can get relaxed and tired at the same time. For better concentration and learning memory physical exercise is very essential. It will also keep the child healthy and keep him away from diseases so that he becomes regular with his classes.

6.Do not let your child treat this as a vacation

This year 2020 seems to be confined in the house which simply doesn’t mean that it’s a vacation. Explain to your children that their education comes first and they have to focus on it. Acknowledge them with the current scenario of this pandemic. Though we have no school assignments and exams are going to take place.

 7.Remember to schedule some time to play.

As referred to in point 7 above this pandemic is not a vacation for the children so. Studies are important but play plays a vital role. do not burden them with loads of school work. Play is essential and all children love to play, arrange some games. Indoor preferably such as ludo, chess, card games, etc. to inculcate the liveness in the child, it’s the best way to build up the bond between parents and children.

  1. Be kind to your children and yourself as well.

The pandemic situation has taught us so many things. the children as well as parents have faced lots of challenges that do not compare your child or yourself with any other. it might affect the emotional feelings of an individual, each individual is different from one another and has their battle to fight.

  1. keep a tab on which accessibility feature helps your child in learning.

Do keep checking what features are required for your child for the studies, such as voice searching, raising hand in google meet, is he/she able to connect with the teachers virtually or not. after every while keep checking if the child is paying attention in  the class or not. you may as the respective teacher to pay more attention to the child and even advise them of your beneficial thoughts.

The covid-19 crises have been a tough time for not only students and parents but also the teachers. Every day is a challenge and we fight it like warriors. no matter what be the situation will overcome all the problems and bring about new changes.

And one thing in the mind that covid-19 situation… “This shall too pass”.

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