Ways to Get and Give Emotional Support During COVID-19

We all are going through this unusual time. Along with physical well being, emotional well being is also important in our life. We have to put great efforts to manage our emotions. We know that expectations comprise a lot of feelings. Here are some of the effective ways to get and give emotional support during COVID-19.

  1. Try different ways to reflect kindness, patience, and attention

Try to be kind to yourself and others. This is a very tough time for everyone. Helping each other at the time of need. You must be humble towards others. Express your thoughts and feelings with your loved ones. Make a concept that we should fight against this pandemic together.

Some of the ways to reflect kindness and show emotional support are as follows:

  • Develop day-to-day routines and maintain health behaviors.
  • Eat well.
  • Work well by staying at home.
  • Get together plans.
  • Communicate virtually.
  • Share your feelings.
  1. Try to stay physically healthy from the virus

At this crucial time, we must develop safety behaviors like washing your hands, maintaining distance with others while talking or any meetings, etc. which will prevent from the spread of COVID-19 virus.  Whenever you go outside, you must wash your hands time to time.

  1. Restrict social media to relieve anxiety and stress

Now a day, we are spending a lot of time on the social media. We keep starting or scrolling down the posts on media which might increase anxiety and stress. We should restrict the time on social media. It is good to be active in social media to know about the updated news and what is happening around us. If you are staring whole day about a traumatic event, then it results symptoms of post-traumatic stress, depression and fall sick.

  1. Get and give comfortless, moral support through the use of video chat, phone call, or text and express warm feelings with each other

This is the fact! In order to maintain a healthy relationship with your peers or friends, you need to give some time to them. You have to spend a quality time with each other. Sharing our feelings with our loved ones helps to relieve stress and also makes us comfortable and safe. You also have to listen what are they saying and appreciate their feelings and thoughts.

In this lockdown time, you can’t meet with your loved ones but you can talk to them through the use of video calling, phone call or through messages and express your feelings with each other. And also try to get and give emotional support to one other.

  1. Try to be practical and fact-based during this pandemic situation

We know that the COVID-19 pandemic will probably go on for months and even a year. We should try to improve our ties and cope well with stressful events together. It’s crucial to think about worst outcomes but we have to think positive. Negative thoughts develop unusual stress and can lead to depression. So, you should think practically about any event.

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