Best ways of becoming richest person

Usually you have three roads in your life in which every road has their different financial journey and they identified as sidewalkers, slowlaners and fastlaner.


This first way is chosen by much smaller people who didn’t like to think about the future like – long-term plans and goals, these people are only dependent on their salary the first few days after getting their salary is like a heaven but the last of their days they become empty because they have a great spending habit their expenses becomes more than their income than it no matters that their income is in thousands or in lakhs.

Credit is their best friend they buys costly items like cloths, accessories, car, etc. these things they actually didn’t needthey thinks that  we should enjoy our today only, they didn’t waste their time in saving money or in the financial planningthey destroy their future in short term happiness. Usually, they didn’t take any responsibility and they think that getting rich is a game of luck.

They always say that money is not very important, it can’t buy happiness but this is the wrong mentality.

For having real happiness you need to focus in THREE F = F FF first f means family, second f meaning is fitness and the third f meaning is freedom these three F FF is the most important thing in your life which can give you ultimate happiness


These types of people give money more importance than the time, for saving little money they can spend hours of their time in any long line of crowd, they take large interest in offers and coupons, and they also sell their time to anybody else and does hard work by give their controls to other person and then earn money but, however they are better than the sidewalkers because they atleast think about their future they saves their money in banks, and invest in mutual funds, gold and silver but then also this way is not perfect as you can understand by its name slowlane means very slow. We all want to become rich but you will like to drive your sports car in the young age or in your old age when your life is going to end; you will like to enjoy  the world tour in  your young age or in your old age when you have remaining no stamina. I am not saying that this lane is wrong but for maximum people the slowlane is better option because atlast achieving success is not the easier thing.


These people didn’t waste their time in spending money or saving money they always use their time in earning money they always consider their time more than money; for maximum people study, is just for school or college but the fastlaner always study to improve themselves and with the help of their knowledge and wisdom they can create a system which always gives them money. Like = there is a labour who work all 7 days of week then earn money and another side there is a developer who do  the work by siting in AC room. Now, you will found the developer attractive but both of them had to sell their time always for money but the fastlaner can create a business in which they had to give their time and hard work in the starting and then they can always earn money and can take holiday all 7 days of a week without selling their time for money.

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