10 Fitness Apps to Improve your health at home

Health and Fitness apps offer huge numbers of benefits in many ways. They will prompt you, consuming the good food practicing exercises on a day-to-day basis.

What are you waiting for? Let’s take a thorough look into some of the best health and fitness apps that will help you to live a better life and stay fit.

1.Google Fit(Download Here)


Google Fit benefits you with a healthy body and helps you live an active life. If you are thinking as to how much of what kind of exercise you have to do to stay healthy, this app is made for your comfort.


It tracks your exercises either from your mobile phone or from a watch.

It also rectifies your steps goal.

It can be connected with your popular devices and apps.

2. 30-day Fitness Challenge(Download Here)


This app helps you to do your exercises in the comfort of your home. Anybody can utilize it at any moment and at any place, they like to use it. The 30-Day Fitness Challenge is developed by a top fitness trainer and encourages you to boost your health and fitness.


It immediately reports workout improvement.

It recalls you to do practices every day.

Detailed video guides

It also enables you to share on social media.

3. Step Tracker(Download Here)


The reasonable step tracker automatically counts the daily steps you are walking. The user-friendly app then implies the calories reduced, distance walked, time taken, stepping speed, and some health-related information through automatic graphs.


It is a real-time map tracker which traces the daily steps of a person.

It is very easy to use.

It automatically represents some health-related data graphically.

4. Samsung Health(Download Here)


Samsung Health has mostly downloaded apps in the health and fitness group in the Google Playstore. The main features provided by Samsung Health will encourage you to strengthen your health and fitness.

The app lists and evaluates your daily habits and workouts to propose a proper diet and direct an active lifestyle.


It helps you to view daily actions at a look.

It adds items to be assessed and shows results on the home screen.

It tracks meaningful data counting on user priorities.

5. Fooducate(Download Here)


Reducing weight is not too tough, but maintaining it off is really a difficult task. Fooducate will make it manageable for you as it tracks calories you eat, macronutrients you consume, and exercises you do daily.

The app records and suggests good foods based on the ingredient quality.


Nutrition and health tracker

Large food database.

Searches more than 250,000 product barcodes.

Free health and diet advice from an experienced nutritionist.

6.Sworkit(Download Here)


This app will benefit you to get free of the emotion that you are too occupied, frightened, or unmotivated. There is no requirement to go to the gym or yoga class if you don’t like to. You can do exercise at home and become active and fit with the aid of this app.


It offers you training depending on the time you have.

It formulates your own training.

Integrations of Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, and Strava apps.

7.Strava(Download Here)


Strava spins your phone into a complicated device that can trace your action and provide a report on your action.

The app lists maps for your favorite cycling trail, and analyzes your training for free.


It tracks distances and miles.

It offers customized training plans by outlining your fitness goals.

HealthTap(Download Here)


If you want to talk with a doctor for some illness you have, but you don’t like to disclose yourself to sick people in hospitals or sanitariums or can’t quit home, school, or work, then this app is basically for you.


It offers Artificial Intelligence Powered Symptom Checker.

It gives the answers of your questions from doctors within 24 hours.

It molds and accounts your health dose.

9.My Fitness Pal(Download Here)


MyFitnessPal app leads you to live a happier as well as a healthier life.


List foods by inspecting barcodes.

It facilitates you with macro tracking and micronutrients and water consumption.

It utilizes the 350+ workouts or formulate your own workouts.

10. Sleep Cycle(Download Here)


This app does not only encourage you to relax but also sleep well and feel relaxed when you arise in the morning.

You can consider this home fitness app as your smart alarm clock because it is developed in such a way that you will be awakened only when you are in your sound sleep stage.


Everyday sleep graphs and thorough sleep statistics

Carefully selected alarm songs.

Customized wake-up alarm


If your busy work schedule just doesn’t allow you to go for a workout in the gym daily, then don’t worry. You can use fitness apps to gain your fitness expectations in the comfort of home. All you need for this is motivation and consistency.

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